Faculty Members

Karafyllis Iasson

Assistant Professor
  • Position:   Assistant Professor
  • Phone:   +30-210-772-4478
  • Office:   3.19

Research Area

  • Mathematical Control Theory


  • 1998-2003: Ph.D. in Mathematics, Dept. of Mathematics, National Technical University of Athens. Advisor: John Tsinias. Ph.D. Thesis: “Time-Varying Feedback and Nonuniform Stability”, Athens, Greece, 2003
  • 1995-1997: M.Sc. in Mathematics, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Minnesota
  • 1994-1995: M.Sc. in Process Integration, Dept. of Process Integration, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST)
  • 1989-1994: Dept. of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens)

Research Interests

  • Stability Theory of Dynamical Systems with emphasis on Lyapunov stability theory for uncertain nonlinear deterministic systems described by:
    a. finite or infinite dimensional difference equations [12,14,37,46,59],
    b. ordinary differential equations [5,6,7,8,9,19,20,21,22,39,45,46,S3],
    c. retarded functional differential and integral equations [8,13,19,20,21,26,27, 32,35, 39,46,48,56,BC1,S1,S5],
    d. first-order hyperbolic partial differential equations [32,56,S1],
    e. 1-D parabolic partial differential equations [63,S6],
    f. coupled retarded functional differential equations and functional difference equations [19,20,21,23,39,46],
    g. impulsive differential equations (hybrid systems, systems under sampled-data control) [16,19,20,21,31,39,46,S4].
  • Mathematical Systems and Control Theory with emphasis on the solution of robust feedback stabilization problems [1,2,3,4,5,10,11,15,16,17,22,25,29,30,33,35,36, 40,42,44,49,51,52,53,55,56,57,60,61,62,BC2,BC3,S1,S2], tracking control problems [1,4,6,58] and observer design/existence problems [11,18,24,34,41,43,47,50,S4] for nonlinear uncertain deterministic control systems of the above classes.
  • Applications of major results of Mathematical Control Theory to Game Theory [37], Fixed Point Theory [37], Nonlinear Programming [54,S3], Mathematical Biology [22,30,33,46,47,S1], Mathematical Economics [28,37] and Numerical Analysis [38].
  • Applications of major results of Numerical Analysis to Mathematical Systems and Control Theory [12,25,40,57,58,61].
  • Mathematical modeling of traffic systems [59,60,62,S2] and modeling of physical, chemical, biological and economic phenomena based on scientific principles and logical requirements (non-empirical models) [22,28,33,37,S1].
  • Applications of major results of Non-Smooth Analysis and Set-Valued Analysis to Mathematical Systems and Control Theory [3,17].