Kadianakis Nikolaos

Professor Emeritus
  • Position:   Professor Emeritus
  • Phone:   +30-210-772-1771
  • Office:   3.17

Research Area

  • Differential Geometry in Mechanics


  • I graduated from High School in Crete in 1966 and the same year I started my studies in the Department of Mathematics of the University of Athens. I graduated in 1971. After completing my military service I started working as a tutor in Mathematics in National Technical University. During this period I attended seminars in Advanced Linear Algebra and Functional Analysis. In October 1977 I started my postgraduate studies in the department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical physics in the University of Liverpool (UK) following a Master of Science course. - 3 - During my studies I attended and was examined in the following lectures: Differential equations, Generalized functions, Integral equations, Integral transforms, Tensor Calculus, Compressible flow and heat transfer, General theory of deformation and flow, Theory of Waves, Dynamical Astronomy, Flow of Non-Newtonian fluids. In 1978 I started my studies for PhD, under the supervision of Prof. P. Appleby in the area of mathematical foundation of Mechanics. At the same period I attended additional lectures in Lie Groups and Mathematical foundations of Elasticity. I also attended seminars in Dynamical systems, Quantum mechanics, Theory of relativity, Continuum mechanics. In May 1981 I was awarded the PhD degree. In 1981 I returned to National Technical University, and from 1982 in a Lecturer position.

Research Interests

  • Differential Geometry and applications, especially in Continuum Mechanics.