Faculty Members

Papagiannis Alexandros

  • Position:   Professor
  • Phone:   +30-210-772-2992, +30-210-772-2987
  • Τηλ Εργαστηρίου:   +30-210-772-2933, +30-210-772-4399
  • Fax:   +30-210-772-2928
  • Office:   0.14

Research Area


  • Prof. Alex PAPAYANNIS (Dipl. Electrical Eng. (1984)-National Technical University of Athens-NTUA, Greece; DEA (1985) and Ph.D. (1989)-Universite Paris 7 (Supervisor Prof. Gerard Megie), Paris France, in Physical Methods in Remote Sensing). From 1990-1996 he worked both in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, in laser remote sensing of the atmosheric ozone-aerosols (lidar-DIAL techique) (first lidar system in Greece) and in laser development (CO2, HF, N2 lasers). Upon his recruitment at NTUA as Lecturer (1996) he created the LRSU group and started the development of the aerosol-Raman lidar and ozone DIAL systems. He is currently Professor of Environmental Physics and Laser Remote Sensing at NTUA.

Research Interests